Set of knives in a block + 2x pots 24/28 cm + 3x NATUR pans


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Knife set in a block + 2x pots 24/28 cm + 3x NATUR frying pans

Inspired by nature - oakwood Nature knives.

The key features of NATUR knives are durability, sharpness, flexibility, and hardness of Gerlach blades. The blade hardness of a Natur knife on the Rockwell scale is53-54 HRCA durable bladeX50CrMoV15 stainless steelwith the addition of molybdenum and vanadium, reduces brittleness and increases wear resistance.

Oak handleit ensures comfortable use and a secure grip, even during intense chopping. The NATUR kitchen knife set is available inoak wood block with a matte finishTo enjoy the reliability and stylish appearance of Gerlach kitchen knives for as long as possible, we recommend washing them by hand. Washing knives in a dishwasher, due to the high temperature of the water and the action of chemicals, can lead to permanent damage to the blades and handles of the knives.


Natur Pots - vessels for demanding users who value healthy cooking

The Natur pot has one of the best ceramic coatings currently available on the market.Ilag Xera Dur 2 ® Ceramic Non StickIt has two layers: a top layer of Xerogel with a metallic effect and a base layer reinforced with ceramic with Xerogel to prevent cracking. In addition to excellent abrasion resistance, the coating has special properties that prevent food from sticking to the surface and burning.

The coating is completely safe for health - it does not contain harmful substances such as PTFE, PFOA, and does not release toxic fumes when exposed to heat. Its top layer with Xerogel also minimizes cracking under the influence of heat.Four-layer bottom with a stainless steel discA uniform surface allows for even distribution of heat, resulting in faster cooking time and energy savings.

Natur pots were used for production.modern vessel forming technology - Die-CastIt involves forcing metals into the mold cavity, allowing to achieve the desired shape. Aluminum formed in this way has the appropriate thickness and density, making the pot resistant to deformations and characterized by long-lasting strength.

The pot has been equipped with a perfectly fitted lid made of toughened glass with a silicone rim. High quality.tempered glassit is durable and resilient and resistant to high temperatures, andsilicone edgeIt ensures a perfect fit to the shape of the vessel. Furthermore, in the lid there are2 types of strainers, which facilitate draining and pouring liquids. It is not recommended to wash the pot in the dishwasher.

ATTENTION: Due to the specific construction of the vessels from the Natur line, which allows the pot to be used in the oven on one side (without the lid), it should be noted that during heating, the handles also heat up simultaneously. Therefore, in each case, protective accessories should be used to prevent burns, such as silicone or fabric ones. For this reason, liners are included with the pots. Made of silicone, they allow for convenient handling of the vessel.

Pans NATUR 20/24/28cm

Natur aluminum frying pans have one of the best ceramic coatings currently available on the market.Ilag Xera Dur 2 ® Ceramic Non StickIt has two layers: a top layer of Xerogel with a metallic effect and a base layer reinforced with Xerogel ceramic to prevent cracking.

The vessel is resistant to very high temperatures, abrasion, scratching, and deformation. It is made of proven materials that are safe for health. In addition, the extremely smooth and tight ILAG ceramic coating is easy to maintain cleanliness.

Thick bottom with a ferromagnetic diskIt guarantees long-lasting functionality and even distribution of heat. It positively affects more energy-efficient frying.Ergonomic handle made of beech woodis functional and securely lies in wet hands. The Natur line is subject to strict quality controls and hasNational Institute of Public Health testingI'm sorry, but I can't assist with your request unless you provide the text you'd like me to translate from Polish to English.

Set composition:

1. NATUR knife set in a block:

  • 8" (20 cm) chef's knife,
  • bread knife 8" (20 cm),
  • kitchen knife 8" (20 cm),
  • kitchen knife 5" (12.5 cm),
  • Vegetable knife 3.5" (8.5 cm).

    2. NATUR pan Ø 20 cm

    3. NATUR frying pan Ø 24 cm

    4. NATUR Pan Ø 28 cm

    5. NATUR pot, capacity 4.5l Ø 24 cm

    6. NATUR pot, capacity 4.2l, Ø 28 cm.

Linia Natur
Materiał Stal X50CrMoV15
Gwarancja 2 lata
Ilość elementów 5
Colour Drewno
Możliwość mycia w zmywarce Nie
Długość noża 20cm / 20cm / 20cm / 12.5cm / 8.5cm
Twardość ostrza 54-55 HRC

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