Set of 9 SIMPLE pots.


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9-piece cookware set SIMPLE.

LineProstyThis is a unique combination of aesthetic pots with excellent functionality. Thanks to their appropriate sizes and capacities, as well as practical additions, Simple pots will prove to be an extraordinary help during everyday cooking tasks. With ease, we can prepare homemade broth, thick beef goulash, or aromatic sauces. Simple products will also become a tasteful part of kitchen decor. The simple, modern form of the vessels will fit perfectly into both traditional and minimalist interiors.


Simple pots are made of 18/10 stainless steel, which increases resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, damage, and allows for cleaning in the dishwasher as well as using them in the oven (Note! Temperatures above 180°C may cause discoloration).

The product is characterized byperfectly flat inner surfacewhich does not contain rivets.

Thick, triple-layered base with built-in aluminum disk.A smooth surface allows for the even distribution of heat, thereby reducing the cooking time of the dish and saving energy. The special bottom also enables the use of cookware on all heat sources, including induction cooktops.

The dishes from the Simple line were equipped witha fitted lid made of tempered glasswhich is known for its high temperature resistance. Additionally, it seals the vessel tightly, preventing water with valuable nutrients from escaping to the outside.

The cover also has a specialair ventthat reduces excess water vapor in the pot.

Perfectly profiled edgeThe spout allows for pouring liquids without them running down the external part of the vessel, thus keeping the countertop or surface clean.

Large and comfortable handlesSteel makes it easier to lift and move heavy objects.

The pot hasinternal measurewhich facilitates measuring the added ingredients.

Simple line is subject to restrictive quality controls and hasState Institute of Hygiene TestI'm sorry, but you didn't provide any text to translate. Could you please provide the text you'd like me to translate from Polish to English?

Set composition:
  • Pot with lid Ø 16 cm - 1.5l
  • Pot with lid Ø 18 cm - 2.0l
  • Pot with lid Ø 20 cm - 2.5l
  • Pot with lid Ø 24 cm - 4.5l
  • steamer pot Ø16/18/20 cm
Linia Simple
Średnica Ø16cm / Ø18cm / Ø20cm / Ø24cm
Pojemność 1,5L / 2,0L / 2,5L / 4,5L
Pojemność 1.5L / 2.0L / 2.5L / 4.5L
Materiał Stal nierdzewna 18/10
Gwarancja 2 lata
Wykończenie Połysk
Wykończenie Stal szczotkowana
Grubość ścianek 0,5 mm
Grubość ścianek 0.5 mm
Ilość elementów 9
Colour Stalowy
Rodzaj kuchni Indukcyjna / Elektryczna / Gazowa
Możliwość używania w piekarniku Tak
System odcedzania Nie
Wewnętrzna miarka Tak
Możliwość mycia w zmywarce Tak

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