Date and cost of delivery



The order is shipped from the warehouse of the company from Drzewica, Poland.

The shipment of the Product to the Customer is chargeable unless the Sales Contract provides otherwise. The shipping costs (including transport, delivery) are indicated to the Customer on the Website of the Internet Shop in the information tab pertaining to the costs of delivery and during the submission of the Order, including when the Customer expresses a wish to be bound by the Sales Agreement. 

Possible tax charges are not included in the value of the order and transport, they may be payable in your country.

The Seller provides the Customer with the following methods of delivery or receipt of the Product:

Courier delivery.

The time of the delivery of the Product to the Customer is up to 7 (seven) working days unless a shorter time is specified in the Product description or during the submission of the Order. For Products with different delivery times, the delivery time is the longest given delivery time, which, however, cannot exceed 7 working days. The beginning of the period of the delivery of the Product to the Customer is calculated as follows:

If the Customer chooses to pay by wire transfer, electronic payment or by payment card - from the date on which the Seller’s bank account or settlement account is credited.