8-piece pot set BRAVA + SIMPLE pot 7l


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8-piece cookware set BRAVA - ideal for beginner cooks

The Brava basic cookware set is perfect for everyday kitchen work. Classic design, durability, solid workmanship and top quality are the main features of the products in this line. The Brava pots are extremely functional and ideal for those who are just beginning their adventure with cooking.

The Brava pots are made from top-quality 18/10 stainless steel, which makes them extremely resistant to damage, corrosion, heat and dishwasher-safe.


The three-layer bottom with integrated aluminium disk ensures even heat distribution combined with heat storage. Thanks to this feature, cooking is shorter and becomes more energy-efficient. In addition, it allows the cookware to be used on all types of cookers: electric, gas, ceramic and induction. The cookware is also suitable for use in the oven up to 180°C. Please note that temperatures above 180°C may cause discolouration of the cookware.

The matching tempered glass lids sit perfectly on the rim of the pot, ensuring that it is hermetically sealed, the food inside is evenly heated and no nutrient water escapes. The lids have a special vent that draws excess steam to the outside of the pot.

Brava products have large handles that are comfortable to use.

The internal measuring cup allows for quick and easy measuring of the liquids to be poured.

The Brava line is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

The steel in the Brava pots is brushed.

The set consists of:

  • Pot with lid Ø 16 cm - 1.5l
  • Pot with lid Ø 18 cm - 2.0 l
  • Pot with lid Ø 20 cm - 2.5 l
  • Pot with lid Ø 24 cm - 5.0 l

Large SIMPLE pot 7.0l

The Simple line is a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing pots with excellent functionality. With the right sizes and capacities, as well as practical extras, Simple pots will prove to be an extraordinary help during everyday meal preparation. The Simple 7.0-litre pot is an excellent choice for those who cook meals for many people.

The pot will easily prepare homemade soups or cook pasta for the whole family, and organising a large dinner for several guests will never be stressful again. The Simple series will also become a tasteful part of the kitchen interior decoration. The simple, modern form will perfectly complement both traditional and minimalist interiors.


Stainless steel pots

The Simple pot is made of 18/10 stainless steel, which increases resistance to corrosion, heat, damage, and allows the pots to be cleaned in the dishwasher as well as used in the oven.

(Please note that temperatures above 180°C may cause discolouration).

The product is characterised by a perfectly flat inner surface that is rivet-free.

The thick, three-layer bottom with an integrated aluminium disk with a uniform surface allows for even heat distribution, thus reducing cooking times and saving energy. The special bottom also makes it possible to use the cookware on all heat sources, including induction cookers.

SIMPLE large-capacity pot

The Simple cookware is equipped with a matching tempered glass lid, which is distinguished by its resistance to high temperatures. In addition, it seals the pot tightly, preventing precious nutrients and water from leaking out.

The lid also has a special vent that reduces excess steam in the pot.

The perfectly shaped rim of the pot ensures that no water escapes outside the pot when pouring

The large and comfortable steel handles make it easy to carry and handle the heavy pot.

The cooker has an inner measuring cup, which makes it easy to measure out the added ingredients

The Simple range is subject to stringent quality controls and is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

Pot size with lid:

  • Simple Ø 24 cm - 7.0l
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