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Gerlach First 10-piece cookware set

To create delicious dishes you need a set that's functional and reliable - whether you're preparing a quick hot dinner or a lavish dinner for several guests that requires a lot of preparation.

In the First set, you will find pots with the right capacity to help you cook soup, reheat a portion for one person, make a flavoursome sauce or a juicy, braised roast. What's more, the items in the set have been made from 18/10 stainless steel, which means that they will prove to be a robust and durable product that will not be intimidated by corrosion or scratches.

The First set is made of 18/10 stainless steel, which increases resistance to corrosion, heat, damage, and allows the dishes to be cleaned in the dishwasher and used in the oven up to 180°C.

Each piece in the set is characterised by a perfectly flat inner surface that is rivet-free. This makes daily cleaning of the cookware easier and more efficient.


FIRST cookware - cooking with ease and pleasure

The cookware from the First range is equipped with matching tempered glass lids, which are distinguished by their resistance to high temperatures. In addition, they seal tightly, preventing precious nutrients and water from leaking out. The lids also have a vent that reduces excess steam in the pot.

The large, comfortable and non-warming steel handles ensure that even a heavy pot can be comfortably carried and handled.

The pots have an internal measuring cup that makes it easy to measure the ingredients to be added.

The First cookware is distinguished by its appearance due to the brushed steel, which gives it character and elegance.

The thick, three-layer bottom with an integrated aluminium disk with a uniform surface allows for an even distribution of heat and, consequently, a reduction in cooking time and energy savings. The special bottom also makes it possible to use the cookware on all heat sources, including induction cookers.

The set includes:

  • FIRST Saucepan with lid 16 cm - 1.0l
  • FIRST Pot with lid 18 cm - 1.5l
  • FIRST Pot with lid 20 cm - 2.0l
  • FIRST Pot with lid 24 cm - 4.0l
  • FIRST Pot with lid 22 cm - 5.0l

SMART GREY kitchen knives

The SMART GREY line is a minimalist and industrial design that will be a perfect decoration on the kitchen counter in a modern kitchen. The 8" (20 cm) chef's knife will become an indispensable helper that will be appreciated by enthusiasts of culinary tasks, and will be an essential tool in the kitchen, ideally suited for chopping many ingredients. The 3.5" (8.5 cm) vegetable knife will ensure comfortable cutting at any angle and in any conditions. It will be perfect for peeling vegetables.High-grade stainless steel will ensure long-lasting precision and durability.


SMART GREY is a guarantee of quality for GERLACH knives. Excellent sharpness and hardness are the main features of this line.

The hardness of the SMART GREY knife blade on the Rockwell scale is 54-56 HRC.

The knife is made of X30Cr13 stainless steel with chromium added for increased corrosion resistance.

The handle has been designed to guarantee the greatest possible comfort during use. The soft-touch material guarantees a secure grip, even in wet hands.

In order to enjoy the reliability and stylish appearance of the GERLACH kitchen knives for as long as possible, we recommend washing them by hand. Washing the knives in a dishwasher, due to the high temperature of the water and the action of the chemicals, may lead to permanent damage to the blades and handles of the knives.

You can store your knives comfortably and safely in a drawer using the wooden knife organiser.

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